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Custom container initialization

Some scripts of this collection depend on additional packages or command-line tools that aren't shipped with the Paperless-ngx container image by default. Instead of building your own Docker image, Paperless-ngx allows you to customize your container on startup by using custom container initialization scripts.


Create a folder my-custom-init-scripts/ next to your docker-compose.yml and create one or more initialization scripts. The initialization scripts itself simply contain the command you would otherwise execute in your Terminal to install the desired package(s) and will be executed in lexical order. See the examples below for details.

├─ my-custom-init-scripts/
│    # Will be executed in lexical order  ├─
│  └─
└─ docker-compose.yml

Make sure my-custom-init-scripts/ and the files herein are executable and owned by root. Otherwise they won't be executed.

chown -R root:root my-custom-init-scripts/
chmod -R 0755 my-custom-init-scripts/

In your docker-compose.yml add the following to your webserver service and re-create your container:

  # ...
    # ...
      - ./my-custom-init-scripts:/custom-cont-init.d:ro 

Upon the next start of your container, the script will be executed and packages will be installed.


Install additional Python packages

Create an initialization script1 with the following content:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
pip install --root-user-action=ignore python-telegram-bot

  1. The actual filename doesn't matter.